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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Center of Symmetry's 2nd Year Anniversary

OK.. So while Christy, my mom and I were working on still stocking and cleaning.. we did have our doors open on 8/31/2009.. and a fella did come in and buy incense. So Technically... 8/31/2009 is our anniversary.. BUT Today's the promoted the day of opening.. 9/1/2009

Thank you to All that have supported us.. We are delighted to be thriving after two years in business. Providing high-quality holistic and spiritual arts programs and services to the Nashville community has been a true honor. Opening the front door two years ago was daunting. I honestly didn’t know if anyone would show up, but they sure did! We’ve been busy ever since and are constantly adapting what we do based on what our customers share with us.

And to Symmetry Family for all their love, support and fantastical abilities.. We've seen some incredible stories of love, support and change. Its been a great 2 years.

Thank you,

Amy Kiger
Holistic Wellness for Mind, Body and Spirit
615-321-4040 *
212 Louise Ave * Nashville * TN * 37203

Over 3,000 sqft dedicated to Wellness Services and Retail
Massage * Bodywork * Colon Hydro-therapy * Kangen Water * Reiki * Intuitive Readings * Locally Produced * Organic Skincare * Teas * Herbs * Candles * Crystals

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